Persona 5 First Palace List of Enemy Weaknesses

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This is a list that is going to be listing the enemies in the first Palace dungeon of Persona 5 and what their weaknesses are. If this helps you out please feel free to share it with other people too.


Name: Pixie

Description: Flying fairy.

Weakness: Gun, Bufu, Mudo


Name: Agathion

Description: Ghost flying around inside of a pot.

Weakness: Garu


Name: Bicorn

Description: Horse demon with two horns sticking out of it’s head.

Weakness: Zio


Name: Succubus

Description: Floating female demon dressed in black with wings.

Weakness: Gun attacks


Name: Berith

Description: Knight in armor riding on a red horse.

Weakness: Bufu


Name: Jack-O-Lantern

Description: Floating pumpkin head monster carrying a lantern.

Weakness: Bufu, Garu, Gun


Name: Andras

Description: Bird man hybird type of enemy.

Weakness: Agi, Gun


Name: Silky

Description: Floating ghost woman enemy.

Weakness: Agi, Zio

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