Yu-No A Girl Who Chants Love At the Bound of This World Review

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Hello. I am here to share my thoughts on Yu-No. I recently played through Yu-No and wanted to share my thoughts on it. I will keep this review spoiler free. So recently, I finished Yu-No the remake that was made by Spike Chunsoft & published by Mages. I originally did not know anything about this game other than it was a remake. I found out about the game from NIS who in one of their newsletter emails spoke of the game. I saw it was a visual novel and it caught my interest because of that. Afterward, I listened to the soundtrack and was blown away. I couldn’t believe how good the music was and the game became of great interest to me. I became very excited for the game and bought it upon release. I finished playing through the Muv Luv trilogy prior to Yu-No and once I finished I immediately jumped into Yu-No. Little did I know I was about to play one of the best visual novels of all time.

Yu-No is a excellent visual novel. The story had me interested from start to finish. Discovering the mysteries of Sakaimachi is one of the most exciting parts of the story and it had me hooked. I could not stop playing the game. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I wanted to uncover the mysteries of Sakaimachi and figure out what was going on. What is impressive as well is many of these mysteries are connected to one another in some way as you’ll see by progressing the story. The characters in Yu-No were very likable and they had great character development. A great aspect of writing was the parallels between characters. Takuya the main character says to people he isn’t sad about his father passing because he had a bad relationship with him, but his actions prove otherwise. We see Takuya’s grades began to slip, he gets into fights with people, his school attendance drops and he quits going to Kendo club. There’s other characters who have double lives such as certain people who are in the public eye, but also do corporate espionage work behind the scenes. Plot twists were exceptional as well and there are some very well written plot twists.


I can see how Yu-No was a huge inspiration on the visual novel genre novels that came after it with it’s multiple branching paths and possibilities of getting bad endings. At many points you’ll reach a branching path where you can use a Jewel save from your Reflector Device to save. You can then go back and load the Jewel Save and take a different path by going to different places or making different decisions. This allows you to see a scene from a different angle and to gain more perspective on the events of the game. Many visual novels that came after Yu-No did the branching paths route as well. There was only two flaws I had with Yu-No.


The first flaw was the true ending route. It was good, but strange. The true ending route it almost feels like you’re playing another story and it felt bizarre compared to rest of Yu-No. A second flaw I had with Yu-No was the translation. The translation had a lot of typos at many parts. For example a character will say let’s look over their. Instead of the proper writing being let’s look over there. Overall not only is the story fantastic, but the music is incredible as well. I greatly enjoyed almost every song on the soundtrack of Yu-No. Overall, this is a must play visual novel. I absolutely suggest this game. I had a fantastic time playing through it. Anyways, want to say thank you for reading this and share your thoughts on Yu-No too!

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